Welcome to the International Tourism Clubs Foundation (ITCF), where we unite organizations and companies dedicated to promoting responsible tourism and supporting global conservation efforts.

Corporate Membership

Our corporate membership is designed for organizations and companies that share our passion for responsible tourism and want to make a meaningful impact on the world. By becoming a corporate member, you join a community of like-minded individuals and entities committed to making a positive difference.

Benefits of Corporate Membership

  • Annual Subscription: Corporate members receive the ITC Foundation newsletter every year, packed with the latest updates on our conservation projects, success stories, and news from the world of responsible tourism.
  • Supporting Conservation: Your corporate membership fees directly contribute to our global conservation efforts, ensuring that pristine natural habitats and cultural treasures are preserved for future generations.
  • Membership Details

    • Annual Fee: Ksh. 10,000
    • Renewable: Annually

    Who Can Join

    The corporate membership is open to a wide range of organizations, including:

    • Companies: Businesses committed to responsible tourism and conservation. Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs): Local NGOs that focus on sustainable tourism and environmental conservation.
    • Community-Based Organizations (CBOs): Grassroots organizations that work at the community level to promote responsible tourism and protect the environment.

    Join Us Today!

    Becoming a corporate member of the International Tourism Clubs Foundation is not just an investment in your organization's values, but also in the future of our planet. Together, we can make a real difference in the world of tourism and conservation.

    For inquiries or to apply for corporate membership, please contact us at [insert contact information].

    Thank you for your interest in ITCF, and we look forward to welcoming you to our community of responsible tourism and conservation champions!