In order to continue appreciating aesthetic beauty of the world’s ecosystems, wildlife and Cultural Heritage and Talents across various youth groups and the young generations; we ought to have a formula that aims to bring all the stakeholders into a clubhouse where the world will meet through a common goal of:

  • Sharing and showing the world the various sets of cultures through Cultural Galla Dances, Oratures, Folklore etc.
  • Share and be part of the world’s global various dialects and multilingual presentations to enhance, promote various touristic attractions to the worlds travel gurus and the many more wishing to travel and navigate the world.
  • Tourism Club Scouting showpiece on innovation and creative work of arts from the youths and the young members
  • Artistic Fest from international and local spaces to enhance brand promotion through free presentation platforms.


The aim is to consolidate various sporting activities from different parts of the world, converge to one touristic destination and showcase various talents and gift to the world. The aim is to promote destinations management dynamics when it comes to tourism attractions versus the inflow of tourists to that specific attraction sites. ITC-Foundation will focus but not limit itself to the following:

  • Beach Sport such as Volleyball, Beach Soccer etc.
  • Water Sports such as Boat Racing, Swimming, Scuba Diving etc.
  • Digital Games Such as PlayStation FIFA Games [PS4/PS5] etc.
  • Gymnastics and Acrobatics
  • Football, Netball, Volleyball and Handball etc.
  • Field track events such as Javelin, Races, Pole-vaulting jump, long jump etc.
  • Indoor games such Badminton, Table Tennis etc.